Brodie and Ben's holiday to Wellington

Brodie and Ben enjoyed a road trip to Wellington - stopping in Picton and then travelling on the Inter Islander to Wellington. In Wellington they explored the city and attended the Ronan Keating concert!

Watch the video on YouTube - use this link: https://youtu.be/mGxH1oLl7L4

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Brodie painting over tags

Brodie has recently extended his voluntary tag spotting activities, and is now supported by the Rehabilitation Coach to paint over the tags he spots. Brodie is really enjoying this addition to his voluntary role.

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Residents out and about in February 2017

Residents have been enjoying a variety of activities in February 2017:

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Crusaders - Farmlands Cup

Several residents enjoyed a Saturday afternoon outing to watch the Crusaders vs. Highlanders! Ben particularly enjoyed meeting the Crusaders Captain, Kieran Reed

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